The Artmatch Group was formed in 1995 and there were 15 founding members. 2 years prior from the forming of the Group, such group of friends already met regularly. Since then, they meet regularly at Gaylord Chan's studio on every Saturday. There, they paint, drill on the technique and develop their own visual messages. Frankly criticism is always welcome yet friendly appraisal is not appreciated during their sharing time. Under the catalytic action of wine, the painting sessions have become joyful parties among good friends.

      To earmark their development, they held the Artmatch Inaugural Exhibition in January 1995 at the Visual Art Centre. In 1996, they held the second exhibition attached to paint quality and "Figurising Abstraction". Encouraging remarks were received during the exhibitions.

      In 1997, the artists were overwhelmed by the great era of change. They were excited and filled with cheers at Hong Kong's return to China. Under the influence of such feeling, they had an urge to paint. Through the paint-brush, their feeling on the historical moment was fully expressed. Such visual messages created was named "Hong Kong New Vision",and subsequently an exhibition was held in the same year.

      Members of the Artmatch Group are of diverse characters and professions, such as architect, lawyer, entrepreneur, civil servant, school teacher, secretary and psychiatrist. There are 10 members taking part in this year's Artmatch Exhibition 99. They are Gaylord Chan, Chan Kwan Ngok, Josephine Chow Suk Fan, Betty Lam Yuet Ling, Rosa Lok So Fun, Lui So Kau, Jennifer Tong, Tsang Fan Kwong, Emil Wong Yuk Ling and Sandra Wong Sau Yu. For a full list of us, please click here to find out.



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